Lenten Devotional

March 21, 2018

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Category: Adult Education

John 12:34-50 

Which Path to Follow?

Have you ever experienced complete darkness, even in well-known surroundings ─ in a room or on a staircase? What about in a tunnel? It’s striking to realize how much we depend on seeing in order to be able to move in the direction we wish. Take away the light and we will bang our heads on corners and edges, fall down stairs or, in general, lose our way.
Did the “human side” of Jesus, during his few intense years, really understand why we would need light permanently to see the truths and to understand his teachings? Had he not proven by way of miracles and healings that he was sent by God the Father? Why did so many people still not believe that his words could help them find the right way? Why did some groups try to muzzle him? Were his speeches concerning the interpretation of biblical truths not striking enough to make his listeners change their behavior? Why did the leaders oppose anything he said?
In this passage Jesus began to speak to yet another crowd. His “godly side” realized that once his time on earth was over, his followers would start to look for visible facts and certainty on which to base their decision to follow his path. His “godly side” knew that most of them would be afraid of taking bold steps, steps which might not be welcomed by their superiors or friends, and that might lead to losing jobs, wealth or social standing.
We have the privilege to read these passages many years after Jesus lived. And yet with all the knowledge and wisdom around us, we still seem not to be able to see. This is pretty much as in Isaiah 6:10, where the people seem to be blind and hardened in their hearts. Why else has our world not become fairer? Why can nations which say that they are based on Bible truths not lead others towards a better world? Why does greed influence the lives of most of us by means of an exorbitantly unbalanced distribution of income and wealth?

Prayer: Lord, please open my eyes to see the path which you have indicated as best for me and give me the power to overcome all obstacles on that path. Make me strong in moments of weakness and help my eyes to see. Amen.

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